Price Wars:
How Retailers Can Compete With Unique Product Assortments & Customer-Segmented Promotions

Klaudia Tirico, Features Editor • Published February 28, 2017

Retail TouchPoints

Pricing continues to be a sensitive subject for both retailers and consumers. Can you blame either one? On one hand, retailers are struggling to figure out how to implement pricing strategies that can go head to head with big players like Amazon. On the other hand, consumers are savvy and capable of comparing prices on the spot, and they are always prepared to walk out of the store when they feel they can get a better price elsewhere.

This Retail TouchPoints Special Report reveals how progressive retailers are navigating the tricky terrain of price competition by:

  • Developing a clear value strategy for customers;
  • Enhancing product assortments, private label and services;
  • Leveraging customer and competitive data to deliver relevant promotions; and
  • Measuring and testing their price and promotion strategies.

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